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Second Part: Why do you want to attend Baylor University?

If you are applying to Baylor University, it should be true that you want to be in a noticeably religious environment, and that your past experiences and interests tie in with the mission of the college. Things to emphasize would be any community service or religious missions, if you’ve done them. This next question requires some research into the school, as they want to know why, out of other similar universities, Baylor is the one that stands out.


Of course, while you are doing your research, make sure that you don’t simply repeat the information that you find. The aim of your answer is to include specific programs and resources that fit in with your profile. For example, if you enjoy working with local volunteer organizations, then you would mention how Baylor’s emphasis on service will help connect you with more opportunities for action. If gaining access to undergraduate research is important to you, you can also mention how the Baylor Undergraduate Research in Science and Technology organization will provide you with the support and access needed to get started as early as freshman year.


Additionally, Baylor offers many different programs and unique majors, such as the Honors Program that provides students with more in-depth classes and the guidance necessary to complete a senior thesis. While you don’t need to decide your major or involvements right now, it’s still good to look through the offerings and mention the things that caught your eye.


Third Part: How do you see yourself contributing to the Baylor community?

This final piece is what we would consider the most important question. There is not “one right answer,” as it would be highly personal to each individual. The way to approach this is to be as specific with your involvements and passions as possible. Make sure however, that you can back up whatever you say with the rest of your application. You do not have to try and find something unique that you think would make you different if it’s not something that really represents who you are as a person.


For example, if you really enjoyed writing for your high school newspaper, then you could mention how you want to continue that passion by applying for a position on the Baylor Lariat, the university’s newspaper focusing on events happening both on and off campus. Whatever it is that you want to continue doing in college, try to find the corresponding club or organization within Baylor that you would join. Once again, this will help tie your individual goals with that of the university and show that you really spent time looking into them.


Having more information about Baylor University will not only help you solidify your own reasons for applying, but it will also show the admissions team that the school is a good fit for you. We hope that this guide was helpful, and wish you the best of luck with your writing!


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Baylor University 2017-18 Application Essay Question Explanations

The Requirements: 1 essay of 750 words

Supplemental Essay Type(s):  Why, Community

Baylor’s super sized supplemental essay combines two of the most classic prompts out there. After reading through our quickie breakdown below, be sure to check out our tips for writing killer Why and Community essays.

What are you looking for in a university, why do you want to attend Baylor, and how do you see yourself contributing to the Baylor community? (750 word limit)

If you’re scratching your head over the unprecedented 750 word limit, we’ll give you a hint: this one’s a twofer. In this question, Baylor has managed to serve up two classic prompts: the Why essay and the Community essay. Your task, then, is to create a unified response that covers both what Baylor can do for you and what you can do for Baylor – in other words, your fit. When reading this prompt, you should see the first two clauses as different angles on the same question. In other words, your reasons for attending Baylor should align with the overall experience you envision for yourself in College. If you’re looking for a snowy New England campus, Baylor’s not going to cut it. On the other hand if you’ve been searching for a world-class nursing program, you’ve probably found your ideal match in Baylor. Whatever your criteria, you’ll need to spend some time digging through the school website for details that will breathe life into your vision and reasons for applying. By that same token, you’ll want to spend some time reflecting on the personal qualities that would make you an excellent nurse or help you take your a cappella group to the next level. Again, be concrete. Try to draw a bridge between your past experiences and achievements and the new heights you hope to reach as a Baylor student.


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