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A stroke is a type of cardiovascular disease that affects the cerebral arteries, those blood vessels that carry blood to the brain. A stroke occurs when one of those blood vessels in the brain is obstructed or ruptures flooding the brain with blood. Depriving blood and oxygen to the brain results in those immediate cells death, causing the brain not to function properly. Once parts of the brain stop functioning, it can directly affect the areas of the body controlled (1). A stroke can be generally be defined in two types of categories. The first and most common type of stroke is called ischemic stroke. This occurs when a blood clot (cerebral thrombosis) blocks a blood vessel in the brain. Blood flow beyond the blood clot is then…show more content…

They can cause blood to seep out of the brain and accumulate around it, resulting in increased pressure in the brain. This build up of pressure within the brain can cause altered brain function (1). In many cases, strokes can be diagnosed, prevented and treatable. Symptoms of a stroke can occur quickly and may cause: sudden numbness, tingling, or weakness, or paralysis in your face, arm, or leg, especially on one side of your body. Sudden: vision changes, trouble speaking (slurred speech), confusion or trouble understanding simple statements, problems with walking or balance, severe headache. It's recommended to call a doctor or 911 even if these symptoms last for a short amount of time because a transient ischemic attack, or mini stroke may have occurred. The transient ischemic attack may be a precursor to a stroke occurring soon. Catching these symptoms can dramatically increase chances of prevention additional damage to the body (2). To have their symptoms diagnosed, a person must first seek medical treatment. Only 20-25% of patients who are admitted to the hospital with a stroke arrive in the emergency department within 3 hours of the onset of symptoms (3). Once a doctor is able to determine what kind of stroke has occurred, it is important the appropriate medicine be given. If the wrong medicine were given to treat a stroke victim, it could result in death. Treatment for an ischemic stroke will focus mainly on restoring blood flow

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Starting Sentence Option 1: Stem cell research has been around for years, but it has always been controversial. This type of research is [dangerous/invaluable] to mankind, because [reasons]. [thesis statement.

Starting Sentence Option 2: Helping people walk again and recover from deadly diseases sounds like a miracle, but is it worth the cost? The answer is [yes/no]. That’s because [thesis].

  • Stem cell research has done amazing things and it is still only in the beginning stages.
  • If scientists can perfect the use of stem cells, even those with paralysis and horrible diseases will be cured.
  • We owe it to mankind to take reasonable measures to find ways to extend life and improve the quality of life.
  • Improving lives outside of the womb is what we need to focus on.
  • Since stem cell research often uses embryos and must destroy them, it is a science based on murder.
  • Even if stem cell research goes forward, it will only be available to the rich and elite, leaving the poor to die painfully.
  • The entire concept of stem cell research pits life before birth against life after birth.
  • This type of science is messing with nature and that is never a good idea.

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