It Project Management Research Papers Topics On Computers

Research projects and themes

ThemeAccessibility (5)
ThemeAccessible Technologies (27)
ThemeAgent Based Computing (44)
ThemeAgent-Based Computing (5)
ThemeAlgorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks (8)
ThemeApplied Electromagnetism (5)
ThemeArchitectures and Interfaces (1)
ThemeArtificial Intelligence (6)
ThemeArtificial Life (1)
ThemeArtificial Neural Networks (3)
ThemeAssessment (13)
ThemeBehavioural Synthesis (1)
ThemeBio-inspired computing (3)
ThemeBiologically Inspired Computing and Robotics (5)
ThemeBiometrics (2)
ThemeBiomimetics (4)
ThemeBionanotechnology and Biosensors (16)
ThemeBusiness Process Modelling (4)
ThemeChannel coding (6)
ThemeChemoinformatics (1)
ThemeCommunication and Networking (7)
ThemeCommunications (3)
ThemeComplex Networks (5)
ThemeComputational Economics (2)
ThemeComputer Science Education (2)
ThemeCondition monitoring (17)
ThemeContent Based Retrieval (5)
ThemeControl Systems (6)
ThemeCrowd Sourcing (2)
ThemeCybersecurity (1)
ThemeData Science - Big Data (16)
ThemeDecentralised Architectures (3)
ThemeDecentralised Information Systems (30)
ThemeDecentralised and Autonomous Systems (2)
ThemeDependable Systems (4)
ThemeDesign, Automation, Simulation and Optimisation (4)
ThemeDigital Libraries (35)
ThemeDisaster Management (4)
ThemeE-Business Technologies (15)
ThemeE-learning (1)
ThemeELearning, Platforms and Tools (28)
ThemeEducational Enhancement (7)
ThemeElectrostatics (2)
ThemeEmbedded Systems (1)
ThemeEnergy Harvesting (12)
ThemeEnergy Harvesting & Sensing Devices (6)
ThemeEnvironmental Monitoring (8)
ThemeEnvironmental modelling (13)
ThemeFormal Methods (12)
ThemeGrid and Distributed Computing (23)
ThemeHTS power apparatus (2)
ThemeHV Transformers (1)
ThemeHealthcare (8)
ThemeHealthcare in ECS (14)
ThemeHigh Voltage Engineering (45)
ThemeHuman Computer Interaction (14)
ThemeHuman-Computer Interaction (2)
ThemeImage Processing (7)
ThemeImage processing and Computer Vision (4)
ThemeIndustrial Monitoring (1)
ThemeInnovation in Science, Engineering and Technology Education (2)
ThemeIntelligent Control (1)
ThemeIntelligent Systems and Machine Learning (8)
ThemeInteraction (4)
ThemeInteraction with Knowledge and semantics (10)
ThemeInternet Science (2)
ThemeKnowledge Technologies (49)
ThemeLearning Technologies (19)
ThemeLiquid dielectrics (5)
ThemeLogic (1)
ThemeLow-Energy Sustainable Systems (14)
ThemeMEMS (2)
ThemeMEMs and NEMs (10)
ThemeMachine Learning (17)
ThemeMachine Translation (1)
ThemeMachine Vision (3)
ThemeMarine Energy (6)
ThemeMaterials & Technology (8)
ThemeMedical Engineering (5)
ThemeMicrofluidics and Lab-on-a-chip (19)
ThemeMobile Learning (3)
ThemeModel-Based Verification (3)
ThemeModeling and Simulation (6)
ThemeModelling and Simulation (17)
ThemeMultimedia (14)
ThemeMultimedia Source Compression (2)
ThemeMultiple Access, Modulation and Transceivers (1)
ThemeNanoelectronics (30)
ThemeNanomaterials and Dielectrics (31)
ThemeNanophotonics and Biomimetics (12)
ThemeNovel Sensors (11)
ThemeOpen & Linked Data (7)
ThemeOpen Government Data (2)
ThemePerception, Cognition and Language (1)
ThemePervasive Computing and Networks (37)
ThemePervasive Healthcare and Telemedicine (6)
ThemePhotovoltaics and Energy (4)
ThemePlasma and Space Science (1)
ThemeProvenance (1)
ThemeQuantum Electronics and Spintronics (7)
ThemeRenewable Energy (4)
ThemeResearch Led Learning (1)
ThemeReusable Learning Objects (4)
ThemeRobotics (1)
ThemeRobotics and Control (2)
ThemeSecurity & Trust (2)
ThemeSemantic Web (26)
ThemeSensor Technology (14)
ThemeSensor Web (1)
ThemeSilicon Based Photonics (3)
ThemeSilicon Electronic Devices (5)
ThemeSimulation, Modelling and Evalution (5)
ThemeSocial Machinery (1)
ThemeSocial Network Analysis (2)
ThemeSoftware Defined Radio (1)
ThemeSoftware Engineering (7)
ThemeSolid dielectrics (23)
ThemeSpace Charge Measurement (2)
ThemeSpace and surface charge (8)
ThemeStudent Centred Learning (2)
ThemeSuperconductivity (5)
ThemeSystem design and RF (3)
ThemeSystems Design (5)
ThemeSystems Engineering (6)
ThemeSystems and control (1)
ThemeTechnology Enhanced Learning (14)
ThemeTrust and Provenance (11)
ThemeVirtual Communities and Social Systems (11)
ThemeWeb Observatory (1)
ThemeWeb Science (47)
ThemeWeb of Data (4)
ThemeWeb of People (1)
ThemeWeb of Things (3)
ThemeWireless Networking (2)
ThemeWireless Sensing and Sensor Networks (12)
ThemeWireless Systems (1)
Themee-Defence (8)
Themee-Science (12)
ProjectBig Data for Medical Analytics - Big Medilytics20182021
ProjectCensus 2021 Big Data Outliers and Anomalies Detection - OADEM 202120172018
ProjectData Stories: Engaging citizens with data in a post-truth society20172020
ProjectSEDNA - Intelligent Big Data Analytics for Safer Shipping Operations under Extreme Arctic Environments"20172020
ProjectHuman-Machine Teaming for Intelligence Analysis20172017
ProjectASSET: Augmented Safety through Smart EnvironmenTs20172019
ProjectTransforming Transport20172020
ProjectPROTECT-CDE - Coastal defences wave energy attenuation and harvesting20172017
ProjectQROWD - Because Big Data Integration is Humanly Possible20162019
ProjectCollaborative Big Data Research and Data science with Office National Statistics2016
ProjectONS Big Data Research Initiative2016
ProjectBig Data Science and Analytics20162017
ProjectLead Niobate-based Tunable Dielectrics for Smart Microwave and Millimeter-wave Systems20162020
ProjectDAIS ITA: Distributed Analytics and Information Science - International Technology Alliance20162021
ProjectPETRAS Internet of Things Research Hub20162019
ProjectIncentive Design and Revenue Optimisation in On-demand Mobility Systems20162017
ProjectMicrofluidic characterization of stem cell heterogeneity20152019
ProjectOpen Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE)20152017
ProjectInsights into offshore resources and processes using Big Data Analytics20152015
ProjectUltra-Low Power Design Based on Near Threshold Voltage20142018
ProjectCooperative Classical and Quantum Communications Systems20142017
ProjectTowards Enhanced HVDC Cable Systems20142018
ProjectMassive Open Online Annotation Framework20142015
ProjectMOOCAP - Massive Open Online Course Accessibility Partnership20142017
ProjectVOICE - Virtual Open Incubation Ecosystem20142017
ProjectTransient wave spectra analyses in complex porous structure20142017
ProjectMOOCs for Accessibility Partnership (MOOCAP)2014
ProjectProteoGUV platforms20142018
ProjectImplementation of Very Short-term Wind Power Prediction System20142014
ProjectThin Film Thermo-Electric Generators20142020
ProjectAn electronic-based ELISA combined with microfluidics20142017
ProjectMountain Sensing20142016
ProjectMeaningful Consent in the Digital Economy20142017
ProjectHighly-parallel algorithms and architectures for high-throughput wireless receivers20142017
ProjectNanopore resistive pulse sensing for molecular diagnostics20142018
ProjectMonitoring contractility of bio-realistic human cardiac tissue in vitro20142014
ProjectArabic Symbol Dictionary20132016
ProjectOpen Data Monitor20132015
ProjectOpen Data Monitor2013
ProjectReal neurons-nanoelectronics Architecture with Memristive Plasticity20132016
Project'SPHERE' - a Sensor Platform for HEalthcare in a Residential Environment20132018
ProjectGeneralised LDPC architectures for high-throughput FPGA realisation20132016
ProjectIoT Lab - Internet of Things Lab20132016
ProjectSemantic Data Management20132017
ProjectReliably unreliable nanotechnologies20132018
ProjectInternational Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF)20132016
ProjectInternational Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF)20132016
ProjectSi-based Single Electron Transistor Integration for Quantum Information Processing20132014
ProjectPRiME: Power-efficient, Reliable, Many-core Embedded systems20132018
ProjectLow Cost Nanowire Diagnostic Platform20122015
ProjectMultiagent Collectives for Sensing Autonomy Intelligence and Control (MOSAIC)20122016
ProjectImpact of Seabed Properties on Ampacity and Reliability of Cables20122015
ProjectApplication of Statistical Rating Techniques to Wind Farm Export Cable Systems20122016
ProjectUnderstanding Environmental Controls on the State of Sub-seafloor High Voltage Cables20122015
ProjectCondition monitoring and prognostic indicators for network reliability20122015
ProjectSouthampton-Fraunhofer Strategic Web Science Collaboration20122014
ProjectSOCIAM: The Theory and Practice of Social Machines20122017
ProjectQuantify and understand the potential benefits of plasmonics in photovoltaics20122017
ProjectPolymeric Insulation for high voltage DC application20122016
ProjectModelling PD in Cavities under DC and AC Electric Fields20122016
ProjectSynaptic-like Dynamics of Volatile Memristors20122013
ProjectChannel Decoder Architectures for Energy-Constrained Wireless Communication Systems: Holistic Approach20122015
ProjectSynote Mobile20122012
ProjectDynamic Ratings for improved Operational Performance20122015
ProjectApplications development for the Helium Ion Microscope2012
ProjectOptimization of a PPT for nano and pico satellite applications2012
ProjectEINS Network of Excellence in Internet Science20122015
ProjectMetadata-enabled Tools for Assistive Living and Learning20122014
ProjectFlexible Rating Options for DC Operation20122014
ProjectDevelopment of a Hollow Cathode Thruster20122015
ProjectDevelopment of a Hollow Cathode Thruster20122015
ProjectFP7 ICT CONCERTO20112015
ProjectMicrofluidic white blood cell arrays20112015
ProjectFocussing a cultural lens on the growth of trust networks : a Syrian Perspective2011
ProjectMicrovolume dialysis for blood desalting20112015
ProjectDETMex: Expanding and distributing EASiHE tools: a collaboration between Southampton and México2011
ProjectControl of Cable Tunnel Ventilation20112012
ProjectDielectric Response of Nanostructured Systems2011
ProjectDielectric Response of Nanostructured Systems20112015
ProjectTelemedicine System Empowering Stroke Patients to Fight Back20112014
ProjectPatient-centric model for remote management, treatment and rehabilitation of autistic children20112014
ProjectPatient-centric model for remote management, treatment and rehabilitation of autistic children20112014
ProjectADVANCE: Advanced Design and Verification Environment for Cyber-physical System Engineering20112015
ProjectThe Development of a Software Component Library to Support the Rapid Assembly of Geo-Centred Linked Data Applications20112013
ProjectEffect of oil passivation on the electrical properties of high voltage transformers20112015
ProjectComputational modelling of the process of electrical breakdown in a dielectric fluid2011
ProjectPlasticity in NEUral Memristive Architectures20112014
ProjectOpenMentor Technology Transfer: OMtetra20112012
ProjectRadiation Effects and Reliability of Resistive Memories (RRAM)20112018
ProjectATBar Arabic2011
ProjectSubsea HVDC connections2011
ProjectAdvanced dielectric materials20112013
ProjectRoberts Enterprise Scheme - Postgraduate training for Accessibility and Assistive Technology2011
ProjectAdaptable and Learnable User Interface for Analysing Recordings (ALUIAR)20112011
ProjectStudent Centredness Projects2011
ProjectProvenance Working Group20112013
ProjectCoarse geometry and cohomology of large data sets20112014
ProjectDynamic Photo Voltaic Arrays20112014
ProjectSouthampton Student Dashboard20112012
ProjectGO! Platform20112011
ProjectIntelligent Systems for Disaster Management20112012
ProjectARCOMEM: From Collect-All Archives to Community Memories - Leveraging the Wisdom of the Crowds for Intelligent Preservation20112013
ProjectStructured low-rank approximation: Theory, algorithms, and applications20112015
ProjectORCHID: Human-Agent Collectives - From Foundations to Applications20112016
ProjectUK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium20112016
ProjectInfluence of oil contamination on the electrical performance of power transformers20112013
ProjectBuilding Banter20102012
ProjectAn investigation into partial discharge sources and locations along the high voltage transformers20102014
ProjectRestore: Promoting Sustainable Research Methods and Resources20102013
Project3D lithography of shaped lipid bilayer apertures20102014
ProjectSurface Electrode Array-based Electrical Stimulation and Iterative Learning Control for Hand Rehabilitation20102014
ProjectParallel Electrophysiological Characterization of Sodium Channels20102014
ProjectSWORD 2.020102011
ProjectIntelligent Agents for Home Energy Management20102013
ProjectDegradation Behaviour of Voids in Silicone Rubber under Applied AC Electric Fields20102014
ProjectBreakthrough Studies on the Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) Coating Process20102013
ProjectEnergy Harvesting Materials for Smart Fabrics and Interactive Textiles20102015
ProjectResilient Futures20102013
ProjectFlocc (functional language on compute clusters)2010
ProjectCharge Transport in Nanodielectrics20102013
ProjectElectrical and picosecond optical control of plasmonic nanoantenna hybrid devices20102018
ProjectREALISE : REfining And Learning from on-line tools for Internet Shared Enterprise2010
ProjectSouthampton Resource Allocation Simulation20102010
ProjectiCRIG SITS20102012
ProjectInStep - part of the In-folio collection.2010
ProjectDesign and Human Evaluation of Haptic Devices for Hand Rehabilitation from Sensory Deficits due to Neurological Impairment20102010
ProjectThe Care Life Cycle20102015
ProjectWIME: Developing and Evaluating Interventions to Reduce Inappropriate Prescribing of Antibiotics in Primary Care.20102012
ProjectSpintronic device physics in Si/Ge Heterostructures20102016
ProjectCyclic and person-centric Health management : Integrated appRoach for hOme, mobile and clinical eNvironments20102013
ProjectDC conductivity measurement of transformer oils and its application in diagnosis of oil status20102014
ProjectDC conductivity measurement of transformer oils and its application in diagnosis of oil status20102014

The Allen School is committed to expanding our global leadership and impact in computer science and computer engineering research. We offer a supportive environment in which our faculty and students are empowered to pursue the next great advances—whether at the core of the field, or in emerging areas that address humankind’s greatest challenges through the transformative power of computing. Our faculty members have been nationally and internationally recognized for excellence, and our students are successful in the preeminent research competitions sponsored by industry and government. In the past five years alone, more than 40 students have received Graduate Research Fellowships or Honorable Mentions from the National Science Foundation, and over a dozen have earned accolades as part of the Computing Research Association's Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Awards competition.

Allen School faculty and students are among the most prolific contributors of award papers to major conferences in our field. Our graduate program alumni go on to be leaders in industry and academia, and our undergraduates — most of whom participate in faculty-supervised research — power industry-leading companies and populate the nation’s most prestigious graduate programs.

Areas of Expertise

Conference Award Papers




In the News

  • The Phone Charger of the Future Will Go Pew Pew, Wired, 2/23/18 More stories
  • DNA Data Storage Gets Random Access, IEEE Spectrum, 2/20/18 More stories
  • How DNA could store all the world's data in a semi-trailer, Financial Times, 2/4/18
  • DARPA Wants to Build an Image Search Engine Out of DNA, Wired, 1/24/18
  • UW researchers "MERGE" machine learning and medicine to enable targeted treatment of cancer, Allen School News, 1/5/18
  • UW students teach Alexa to have a little chat with us, Seattle Times, 11/28/17
  • Siddhartha Srinivasa and Tao Xie named Fellows of the IEEE, Allen School News, 11/22/17
  • University of Washington's computer science clout on full display at annual student showcase, GeekWire, 11/16/17
  • Robotics expert moves entire team to University of Washington, including famous Oreo-cracking robot, GeekWire, 11/16/17
  • Your Next Password May Be Stored in Your Shirt Cuff, MIT Technology Review, 10/31/17 More stories
  • Who Is Thinking About Security and Privacy for Augmented Reality?, MIT Technology Review, 10/19/17
  • Professor Jennifer Mankoff Recognized with GVU Impact Award, Allen School News, 10/18/17
  • It Takes Just $1,000 to Track Someone's Location with Mobile Ads, Wired, 10/18/17 More stories
  • Smartphones Are Changing Medical Care in Some Surprising Ways, NBC MACH, 10/13/17
  • How the 'Internet of Things' Will Change Everything, NBC MACH, 10/6/17
  • Allen School and AWS team up on new NNVM compiler for deep learning frameworks, Allen School News, 10/6/17
  • In 1,000 Years, This Recording Of Miles David Preserved In DNA Will Still Be Perfect, Fast Company, 10/5/17
  • Nvidia to open robotics lab near University of Washington, expanding Seattle-area footprint, GeekWire, 10/5/17
  • A clever way to transmit data on the cheap, The Economist, 9/13/17 More stories
  • Jeffrey Heer wins IEEE Visualization Technical Achievement Award, Allen School News, 9/12/17
  • Securing the Fourth Estate: What the Panama Papers and Confidante reveal about journalists' needs and practices, Allen School News, 9/11/17
  • UW's Sounding Board names a finalist for $2.5 million Amazon Alexa Prize, Allen School News, 9/1/17
  • Allen School's open-source TVM framework bridges the gap between deep learning and hardware innovation, Allen School News, 8/17/17
  • 35 Innovators Under 35: Franziska Roesner, University of Washington, MIT Technology Review, 8/16/17
  • Malware Stored in Synthetic DNA Can Take Over a PC, Researchers Find, The Wall Street Journal, 8/10/17 More stories
  • Biohackers Encoded Malware in a Strand of DNA, Wired, 8/10/17
  • Storing Data in DNA Brings Nature into the Digital Universe, Scientific American, 7/29/17
  • Domino effect: UW and Microsoft researchers use spatial organization to build DNA computers, Allen School News, 7/26/17
  • The Technology That Will Make It Impossible for You to Believe What You See, The Atlantic, 7/11/17 More stories
  • This cell phone can make calls even without a battery, Wired, 6/28/17
  • Allen School set to amplify UW's leadership in human-computer interaction with new hires Jennifer Mankoff and Jon Froehlich, Allen School News, 6/28/17
  • Researchers use ridesharing cars to sniff out a secret spying tool, Wired, 6/2/17 More stories
  • Allen School's Jeffrey Heer wins ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award, Allen School News, 5/3/17
  • Video Games Help Model Brain's Neurons, New York Times, 4/24/17
  • Six Allen School faculty members win NSF CAREER Awards, Allen School News, 4/18/17
  • Allen School's Tom Anderson elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Allen School News, 4/13/17
  • Apple's Turi acquisition funds new $1M UW professorship in AI and machine learning, GeekWire, 2/23/17
  • Learning to love our robot co-workers, New York Times Magazine, 2/23/17
  • UW 'genius' Shwetak Patel works on health monitoring apps for Senosis startup, GeekWire, 2/17/17
  • AccessMap finds routes that avoid common pitfalls for those with limited mobility, TechCrunch, 2/1/17
  • Jeeva Wireless, founded by UW researchers, raises $1.2M to develop 'breakthrough' passive Wi-Fi system, GeekWire, 1/30/17
  • Senior faculty hires Sidd Srinivasa and Michael Taylor set to advance UW's leadership in robotics and computer engineering research, CSE News, 1/17/17
  • Geek of the Week: UW Ph.D. student Irene Zhang has big ideas to make life easier for programmers, GeekWire, 12/16/16
  • Shwetak Patel named a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery, CSE News, 12/8/16
  • Direct brain stimulation lets gamers play blind, New Atlas, 12/6/16
  • Is DNA the Future of Data Storage?, Wall Street Journal, 10/25/16
  • This Contact Lens Will Kick-Start the Internet of Disposable Things, MIT Technology Review, 10/19/16
  • Can Passwords Be Sent Through the Human Body?, Wall Street Journal, 10/7/16
  • From digital to biological: Why the future of storage is all about DNA, ZDNet, 9/23/16
  • 10 Scientists to Watch: Shayan Oveis Gharan finds the shortest route to success, Science News, 9/21/16
  • A Lesson of Tesla Crashes? Computer Vision Can't Do It All Yet, The New York Times, 9/19/16
  • Have stencil, will lift, ASCR Discovery, September 2016
  • How DNA could store all the world's data, Nature, 8/31/16
  • Devices could recycle radio waves instead of transmitting them with new ‘interscatter’ technique, TechCrunch, 8/17/16 More stories
  • They really are watching you: web tracking surges with online ads, USA Today, 8/16/16 More stories
  • Shyam Gollakota in the Brilliant 10: The Man Who Powers Devices with Wi-Fi, Popular Science, 8/11/16
  • The Robot You Want Most Is Far from Reality, MIT Technology Review, 8/10/16
  • Apple acquires Turi in major exit for Seattle-based machine learning and AI startup, GeekWire, 8/5/16
  • RFID tag maker Impinj prices IPO at $14, shares soar in rare public offering, GeekWire, 7/21/16 More stories
  • This amazing search engine automatically face-swaps you into your image results, TechCrunch, 7/21/16 More stories
  • Researchers stored an OK Go music video on strands of DNA, Mashable, 7/7/16 More stories
  • The Ultimate Facial-Recognition Algorithm, The Atlantic, 6/28/16 More stories
  • Students demonstrate their HoloLens apps after a quarter of VR and AR design, TechCrunch, 6/10/16
  • Tech Turns to Biology as Data Storage Needs Explode, Scientific American, 5/31/16
  • Intelligent water: New $40M Phyn joint venture taps UW tech expertise with Seattle R&D lab, GeekWire, 5/26/16

Media Releases



  • In first, 3-D printed objects connect to WiFi without electronics
  • UW students win Amazon's inaugural Alexa Prize for most engaging socialbot
  • New tool quantifies power imbalance between female and male characters in Hollywood movie scripts
  • How to store information in your clothes invisibly, without electronics
  • For $1000, anyone can purchase online ads to track your location and app use
  • UW team shatters long-range communication barrier for devices that consume almost no power
  • PupilScreen aims to allow parents, coaches, medics to detect concussion, brain injuries with a smartphone
  • New app could use smartphone selfies to screen for pancreatic cancer
  • Computer scientists use music to covertly track body movements, activity
  • DNA sequencing tool lack robust protections against cybersecurity risks
  • Lip-syncing Obama: New tools turn audio clips into realistic video
  • First battery-free cellphone makes calls by harvesting ambient power
  • Catching the IMSI-catchers: SeaGlass brings transparency to cell phone surveillance
  • Kids, parents alike worried about privacy with internet-connected toys
  • Period tracking apps failing users in basic ways, study finds
  • Food photos help Instagram users with healthy eating
  • Scientific discovery game significantly speeds up neuroscience research process
  • Two UW faculty named to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • $50M endowment establishes the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington
  • Singing posters and talking shirts: UW engineers turn everyday objects into FM radio stations
  • UW CSE announces the Guestrin Endowed Professorship in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Three UW scientists awarded Sloan Fellowships for early-career research
  • New route-finding map lets Seattle pedestrians avoid hills, construction, accessibility barriers
  • Two UW professors win Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers


  • No peeking: Humans play computer game using only direct brain stimulation
  • What makes Bach sound like Bach? New dataset teaches algorithms classical music
  • Secure passwords can be sent through your body, instead of air
  • HemaApp screens for anemia, blood conditions without needle sticks
  • Interscatter communication enables first-ever implanted devices, smart contact lenses, credit cards that ‘talk’ Wi-Fi
  • Unearthing trackers of the past: UW computer scientists reveal the history of third-party web tracking
  • Imaging software predicts how you look with different hair styles, colors, appearances
  • UW, Microsoft researchers break record for DNA data storage
  • How well do facial recognition algorithms cope with a million strangers?
  • UW-led team awarded $1M bioelectronics innovation prize
  • Paper gets ‘smart’ with drawn-on, stenciled sensor tags
  • This five-fingered robot hand learns to get a grip on its own
  • New health sensing tool measures lung function over a phone call, from anywhere in the world
  • UW team stores digital images in DNA — and retrieves them perfectly
  • Smartwatches can now track your finger in mid-air using sonar
  • UW engineers achieve Wi-Fi at 10,000 times lower power
  • Three UW professors win Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
  • UW computer scientists to make financial products better and more available for the poor



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