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Covers 85% of tuition

These scholarships are awarded to first-year and transfer students with a distinguished high school or college academic profile. More than 95 percent of first-year and transfer students receive an academic and/or talent-based scholarship. A combination of academic GPA, SAT or ACT scores and overall quality of the application determine the scholarship amount. Students eligible for academic scholarships are notified within their offer of admission.

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Includes at least 60 scholarships covering 85% of tuition. In February, Westmont invites some Presidential Scholarship recipients who applied Early Action I & II to compete for the awards.

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Recognizes outstanding academic and personal achievement with a $22,000 scholarship ($88,000 total for four years) renewable with a 3.25 GPA (3.0 if enrolled in two or more honors classes each year).

Named for our founder, the Ruth Kerr Scholarship offers eligible students $20,000 per year ($80,000 total in four years) and is renewable with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Honors Westmont’s first president by awarding $18,000 per year ($72,000 total for four years) to deserving students and is renewable with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Honoring the vision of many faithful men and women who helped Westmont become a premier Christian liberal arts college, this $15,000 annual award ($60,000 total in four years) is renewable with a minimum 2.75 GPA.

Grants $12,000 per year ($48,000 total in four years) to deserving students and is renewable for students in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Talent scholarships are available in athletics, art, theatre and music. Applicants interested in these programs should contact the respective departments and follow the instructions for the application process and deadlines. Athletes are encouraged to visit the athletics website and submit a "Recruit Me" form found here.

To create an academic community rich in cultural diversity, Westmont offers a Cultural Diversity Award of $1,000. Incoming students who desire to incorporate their intercultural experiences into the Westmont learning environment should apply for this competitive, need-based scholarship. You can find the application here. Incoming students for Spring 2019 may apply by December 1, 2018. The 2018-2019 application deadline for Early Action admitted students is February 1 and Regular Decision is March 1.

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Mar-05-2016I am a current student here

There is a certain type of westmont student that some people fit PER-FECT-LY. For women, that is someone who is very christian, girly, social, has a sisterhood, has a boyfriend, dresses nice, blonde, tall, skinny but dresses very So Cal with a little bit of provocativeness but still Christian enough (bandeaus, short dresses, etc.. It's eye catching yet still Christian enough!). Many students are white and act a certain way: that is social, friendly, Dumb blonde-ish and in a bubble. They don't seem to care much about things beyond the bubble. There is a lot of poverty outside of the school. I would choose Westmont if you fit this mold. That is, if you are really girly, feminine, looking for a man to marry here or a boyfriend, social, musical, and happy and super social media-ish. That is basically the girls here. Guys, are not super masculine-like. They are very Christian guys. Nice guys. Really musical, funny, sweet. They treat women really well and treat each other well it seems. Not much drama. They seem more hipster like, enjoying talks with people, going to the beach, playing music, and getting involved in outreach. They are really nice. Definitely not the popular football guys. More so, tall, slim, nice white boys in the movies or media, but very nice...

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