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Gender Stereotypes

     In today’s society, people stereotype to generalize certain groups; such as religion, beliefs, or even discriminating groups of people because of there race, gender, or appearance. Stereotypes can be very harmful and unfair. Gender stereotypes have been around since the beginning of time, and are still very prominent today.
     As a child, I was brought up with the idea boys are strong, aggressive, and the leader; where as, girls are weak, passive, and the follower. My mother, made it clear to my sister and I, that playing sports was not acceptable for a young lady. Young ladies should be playing with dolls and playing house. Growing up, my friends and I would…show more content…

When I approached Nathan I simply explained to him that girls could play any game boys can. Children need to be taught that no matter what your gender is you can do anything you set your mind to.
Now-a-days women do have jobs and are working their way to the top of the ladder. Working to the top of the ladder is very difficult for women and can be very competitive. In our society, we make gender assumption based on job title. For example, when we talk about doctors we automatically picture a man in a white robe. And when talking about teachers we again assume it is a female standing in front of a class wearing glasses. Recently women are becoming more involved in the medical field. Women are specializing in many different areas; such as cardiology and gynecology. As for the male they are also being seen on the other side of the spectrum. For example men are becoming teachers and nurses. Society should not make gender assumption based on job titles.
In the past certain job titles specified certain genders. An example of this was seen in our police departments. The officers were once called “Policemen.” In turn leaving out women. Women were rarely seen out in the streets protecting our neighborhoods. They were thought of as not being strong enough or capable of dealing with the tough world.
Stereotyping is a natural way of thinking but needs to be minimized. Gender stereotyping will never vanish. In the work place, women and men

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How To Avoiding Stereotyping Essay example

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During the early studies it was believed that stereotypes were only used by rigid and authoritarian people. Now it’s widely accepted and scientifically proven that each and everyone of us stereotypes others, and others stereotypes us. Many times people are so used to stereotyping other people that they won’t even notice how often they do it. I believe stereotyping can’t be stopped. People stereotype everyday. There are positive and negative categories that stereotyping fall under. Positive category is when people think good of another person. For example; if somebody likes Russians and he/she just met a person who is Russian, then they’ll like them too even though all Russians are different. Every person is unique. Bad category of…show more content…

Bookkeeping is when people learn new contradictory information and adjust the stereotype to adopt to the new information. This can be both, a good and a bad thing. It’s good when it goes from being negatively stereotyped to positively, and bad if it’s the other way. Research showed that by simply wearing glasses will automatically make a person look smarter. Choosing what kind of clothes a person wears can determine how he/she will be stereotyped. If a person is trying to avoid being stereotyped, tattoos and piercing aren’t the best idea for them. Many people will not get hired for a job simply because they got inked. These are the things people should consider if they’re trying to avoid being stereotyped. Sub-typing model of stereotypes is when one creates a new stereotype that is a sub-classification of an existing one. An example is when a person stereotypes Americans and when he’ll meet a person from California, who is very different from the stereotype that was created for that person, the person who stereotypes will sub-classify Californians from Americans. That is the second model of stereotyping. To avoid being stereotyped I think a person should be unique, creative, and most important be him/herself. Being like everyone else will just put a person into a cage of stereotyped people. If the people are bad in his/her cage than most likely he/she will be stereotyped negatively. It often happens to a person who was in

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