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Congratulations to Krisha Munoz, a 6th Grade student for winning the Red Ribbon Week Essay Contest!  In the photo on the right is Liliana Hawkins, one of the participants in the Essay Contest.  The theme for the essay contest was “YOLO. Be Drug Free” and the participants won school supplies with the winner also receiving a Voyager T Shirt. Both participants gave wonderful, inspiring essays. Thank you again!

YOLO. Be Drug Free.

By: Krisha Munoz

My name is Krisha Munoz. I am twelve years old. When I grow up I want to go to college. I even want to be a writer and a professional soccer player. I also want to join the military. I want to grow up with a good life. I don’t want to do drugs. I want to be drug free. There was a man who was an agent. The agents name was Kiki Camarena. And there was some men doing drugs and the agent got kidnapped and they tortured him until he died. And those men that tortured him were never found. And that man was brave and we will always remember him in our hearts. That’s why we should be drug free. Don’t do drugs because you think your cool. Don’t do it because your own friends told you to do it. Be drug free. Have a better life. Don’t be like those people who do drugs. So let’s all be drug free. And stop the people who do drugs together. So that’s how I will live my life. Not everyone is perfect though. In every single one of the schools I went to all of them taught us to be drug free. You only have one life to live. What is it? Be drug free or do drugs? I got an answer for you to pick. Be drug free. Do not pick drugs. It is bad for you. Drugs can get you in a lot of trouble. It can sometimes get you suspended from school. It can sometimes get you in jail. So don’t do drugs. And when you ever go trick or treating always make your parents check the candy because people can put drugs in it. Like I said you only live once not twice so do the right thing. Be drug free. I love being drug free. It is so fun. I can have a lot of fun. A lot of people die from doing drugs. That’s why I don’t do drugs. Any way I am so young to be doing that.  So I have a great life. I will love to try out for a lot of stuff in the future. I want to have a good life. I will love to try out for a lot of stuff in the future. I want to have a good grades. One day I will be the best person who lived forever because I was drug free. You only live once. So be drug free. Always be healthy. Join clubs and activities. Hang out with your friends as much as you can. Always say I love you to your family, mom, and dad. Do things you always wanted to do. Watch television as much as you can because kids love TV. Listen to people’s problems. Forgive each other if you fought with someone. Have fun and do whatever they want to do. Go to the beach and have a sand fight, and swim. Happy Halloween. THE END

Meet The 2017 Red Ribbon Theme Winner

Posted on 03/16/2017 @ 10:01 PM

We recently announced the 2017 National Red Ribbon Theme, Your Future Is Key, So Stay Drug Free™. Now, we are proud to announce the winner of the theme contest: Iris Yu, a student at Solon Middle School in Solon, Ohio.

The school will receive national recognition and $500 in Red Ribbon Theme merchandise from Nimco, Inc. In addition to the attention she is receiving from her school community, Iris is receiving a great deal of support from her family.

"Our whole family is very excited and proud of Iris, especially her little brother," said Wei Yu, Iris' mom. "This topic is important to me as it's important to everyone. Aside from all the social problems caused by drug abuse, as a parent, it’s just heartbreaking to see kids being victimized by drugs [when] they could have a bright future."

Iris, who entered along with hundreds of classmates thanks to the dedication of her media arts teacher Cheryl Holsapfel, didn’t think she was going to win but had a good time trying.

“I [had] fun trying to think of various slogans,” said Iris. “I think that drug prevention is important because [drug use] has been popularized by pop culture and the media. I came up with the theme by first considering what doing drugs would affect, and the obvious answer to me was your future. The rest of the words kind of just fell into place afterwards.”

Holsapfel participates each year in the contest as a way to talk with her students about drugs. All of her students enter the contest and have done so for the past few years. Holsapfel’s intended message clearly got through to Iris.

“Drugs not only affect your brain, but your future as well,” said Iris. “You don't get a second future. It's why you do a lot of the things you do…in hopes of having a good future.”

To Iris’ mom, her daughter’s message for her peers across America is clear.

"There are so many beautiful places you could go. There are unlimited possibilities for you to explore. So don't let drugs ruin it."

Stay tuned for the release of the 2017 Red Ribbon Planning Guide and other wonderful materials available at


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