Tpa 1 Case Study 4 Answers


CalTPA Subject-Specific Pedagogy TaskID #000493!" Si$gle Subject %at&e'atics 


.uestions for Case Study 1

1.$iven t%e contextual information for Case Study 1/ t%in0 about a lesson you mig%t use it% t%esestudents t%at addresses t%e subject matter learning goals and t%e developmental needs of t%estudents described. n t%e columns belo describe:


nstructional strategies


Student activities


nstructional resources

 Note:Instrctional strategies are !hat the teacher does dring instrction and stdent activities are !hat the stdents do dring the lesson. Inclde ho! "o !old se the instrctional resorces as "o describe "or strategies and stdent activities


nstructional StrategiesStudent Activities

-ay 5Assessment:%Get an idea of students6 !rior *no"ledge of different sha!es "ith the use of anassessment "or*sheet(Lesson:%7irst+ !resent to students the different sha!esthat "ill be used through the lesson( Ma*esure they are familiar "ith the more com!lesha!es 8i(e( !entagon+ heagon+ and octagon9(%E!lain to students the definition of rotations+ translations+ and reflection(%-emonstrate for students ho" a sha!e can berotated+ translated+ and reflected using &ariousreal "orld eam!les 8such as mirrors+diagrams+ /- modeling9( Then model for students the effect multi!le transformationsha&e on &arious sha!es( Chec* for understanding by as*ing students uestionsand ha&ing them !redict "hat the sha!e "illloo* li*e after the transformation( -ay 'Assessment:%Ha&e students recall and demonstrate "hatthey learned yesterday by coming to the boardand transforming &arious sha!es(-ay 5Assessment:%Students "ill recei&e a "or*sheet "ith differentsha!es !resented 8both '- and /-9 and be as*ed tofill in the names of as many sha!es as they canrecall(Lesson:%Ha&e students "or* in coo!erati&e learning grou!sof / !eo!le( 0n these grou!s+ each student "ill beassigned a different transformation 8rotation+translation+ or reflection9 that they must model for the other t"o students( A "or*sheet "ith &arioussha!es "ill be !ro&ided to each student( ;n this"or*sheet students "ill be reuired to sho" their *no"ledge of transforming &arious figures( Eachgrou! "ill then be reuired to combine their different transformations to sol&e more com!le !roblems !resented on the "or*sheet( -ay 'Assessment:%Students "ill come to the board+ / at a time+ and !erform a rotation+ translation+ or reflection of agi&en sha!e( Lesson:%Ha&e the students use the geometry !rogram onthe com!uter that has sha!e transforming tools(Students "ill ha&e a short time to get familiar "ith

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PSYCH 281 Lesson 6 Activity: Selection Case StudyThe purpose of the hypothetical case study below is to give you some experience with lesson material from a practical perspective. This activity will require some simple mathematical operations to answer some questions and written responses for others. Open a Word document, and provide answers to the following questions. Number your answers. Up-load the completed document in the drop-box in the lesson 6 folder.Real Estate World is trying to improve their recruitment and selection process for hiring real estate agents.A successful real estate agent, according to the company, is one that can sell a minimum of 50 houses per year. 1.In a short, paragraph, explain what recruitment source would you recommend and why? Cite information from your lesson and text to support your answer.Real Estate World believes that the key to successful real estate is perseverance. To test this hypothesis the company wants to administer The Perseverance Assessment (TPA) to applicants holding a proper real estate license (scores on this assessment range from 0 to 10). The company hires all of the applicants (75 total) that scored higher than 3 on the TPA and gives all of them one year to see how they perform on the job. 2.If 200 applicants scored 3 or lower on the TPA and thus were not hired, what was the selection ratio for this job? _____Given below are applicant scores on the TPA as well as how many houses each sold in the year.


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