Tap Air Portugal Seat Assignments

Questions about TAP seat assignments

Fulfilling a promise I made to myself. Going to Italy. Made plans hurriedly just a few weeks ago. Nagging concerns about the flight - I have studied and searched but am not understanding.

TAP Portugal BOS > LIS > MXP

TAP Portugal FCO > LIS > BOS

Booked online via TAP's site. Two tickets. One for outbound and one for inbound. economy restricted

Using the TAP website, I paid for seats. Seat map came up; selected seats; paid the costs.

A few days later I was rechecking things. The seats are not shown on the map. It is an Airbus A330-200 and we have 17A & 17C. The freak'n row does not exist on some maps; on others the "C" doesn't exist.. Same issue on return trip - the letter or row does not exist.

The other concern is the departure flights - bought directly with TAP. There is only 50 minutes between flights arriving from FCO and departing LIS.

Please explain. Feeling stupid and confused.

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Trip Verified | On our way from Düsseldorf to Praia on the Cap Verdes we stopped in Lisbon. Due to unknown reasons our plane took off late, resulting in us missing our connecting flight in Lisbon. We then had to spend the whole day there, missing one of the already paid vacation days which annoyed us, but hey, it happens. Like us, many others missed their connection. They gave us vouchers for the restaurants, all being typical fast food chains, as compensation. Few staff at the information desk took long to help everyone. On our way back we took the same route. With our plane already leaving Praia an hour late, we were scared the same thing might happen again. This was on a Sunday, we stayed up all night to get the flight and had to go to work on Monday of course, obviously this situation is inconvenient for anyone. Naturally we missed the connecting flight again, even though there was a two hour buffer. Okay, straight to the information desk again. There were so many people that missed their flights and one staff member tried to give people from all different kinds of cities in Europe new boarding passes, that apparently had missed their connection as well. There were again people who wanted to go to Praia (like us one week earlier) that had the same problem we did. I don’t know what the initial problems were for the delay, but this seems to be happening all the time. We are still really disappointed with the airline. Twice catching a flight in the middle of the night, twice missing the connection and losing two whole days can really annoy us.

Family Leisure
Economy Class
Düsseldorf to Praia via Lisbon
March 2018
Food & Beverages12345


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