Essay Niagara Falls

Essay on Niagara Falls

Niagara falls were formed 10,000 years ago in Ontario in Canada. This was a result of glaciers moving back to show the steep face of the mountain. This allowed the waters of Lake Erie to flow north, over the slope, to Lake Ontario. The steep face gradually eroded back toward Lake Erie, a process that has also formed the Niagara Gorge the Whirlpool Rapids and the Whirlpool. This is how Niagara Falls were formed.

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Niagara falls is the most well known waterfall in the world. As a result of this it attracts millions of tourists every year. There are many great hotels near the falls to witness this beautiful waterfall. However there are problems including traffic jams, crime and business problems like expanding industries.The Upper Course

The upper courses of the River Tees are all the features and activities done in the Source area. Here are mountain ranges with the highest being Cross Fell at 893m as I mentioned earlier. Also, there is another mountain with a peak of 775m. The lake flows from here where it slowly becomes the River Tees. There is a V-shaped valley in its early course, which holds many things.

A dam has been built here to form Cow Green Reservoir. This is a very important water supply for the towns further downstream. Farms are also in the v-shaped valley with the highest lying 370m above sea level. The ground is waterlogged so crops can’t be grown, but sheep are farmed there, spending most of their time on hillsides. This is also significant for the towns downstream as it is used for food purposes.

The climate in the upper course is quite awful. Precipitation reaches up to 1500mm a year with about 3 months snow cover. Also contributing to the bad weather is the fact there is barely any sunshine. Because of this, Whinestone waterfalls are formed. This happens when the river drops down a vertical step, as the Whinestone.


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My trip to Niagara Falls, On. report!

Hi!! My friend and I just returned from a great trip to Niagara Falls. What an amazing place! we were there for 3 and half days. We never moved our car and walked every where. Up and down Murray Hill 4 times!! Here is the wrap up of our trip and what I thought of it.

Day 1

Drove from Philidelphia to Niagara Falls, ON. Arrived at the Kings Inn Near the Falls late at night. We do not require a fancy room, just a clean one and that is exactly what we got with them. No fancy soaps or shampoos, jsut basic a room. The staff were great and the location, while not over looking the falls, was very convenient. Had a late dinner at a small family italian resturaunt next to the hotel. There are lots of restaraunts and shops nearby.

Day 2

Walked down to the falls, taking the incline railway and what a great site! I have never seen such a wonder! We started at Table Rock visitors center and when we went out to the overlook. there is no way to describe the experience of being so close to something so powerful. We purchased our passes and that is deffinately the way to go! We used the heck out of the people mover which has stops all up and down the river. We began our tour by entering the journey behind the falls. the overlook at the bottom of the elevator is the best part in my opinion. the water looks like a balnket coming off the top, but I was a little dissapointed with the views from the lookouts behind the falls. You really couldnt see much but a sheet of water and it was so bright that pictures didnt come out very well.

Next we got on the people mover and rode it to the river walk. There was a small wait for this but not too bad. It is a long wooden board walk that follows the river along the class 6 rapids. the water was the most amazing crystal blue color and the rapids were pretty. Very nice shady walk on a hot day.

back on the people mover and down to Queen Victoria park for lunch at the buffet ( I think it is Elements buffet) Good food and lots of it.

Back on the people mover to the Maid of the Mist. Wow!! We were able to get right in the front of the boat and what a ride. It is amazing to think that this attraction has been running since the mid 1800s. It gets you right to the bottom of the falls and you have some amazing views of both horseshoe and bridalveil falls on the way. Definately bring a water prooave ever done.f camera with you. So Much fun! This was one of the best things I have ever done.

back on the people mover and off at Rainbow bridge to get our passport stamped for Canada and to stand with one foot in each country. Yes, we are geeks that way haha! Dinner in the room. We are cheap so we had brought peanut butter and jelly with us haha!

Day 3

We had a winery tour booked for this day using Niagara Fun Tours. We went to the Falls View Casino for a buffet breakfast and it was well worth it. We met our bus and headed off to the Niagara wine country!! Visited four of the wineries and had lunch at Krtz Family orchards. Yum!! Great day. Returned to Niagara and, using our last pass for the people mover, rode it for the full loop to get a grand tour of the river and falls. The drivers are a riot and we loved talking to them and finding out some behind the scenes things about this great city.

Day 4

our day to head home. We headed to rainbow bridge early and were across the border by 9am. We headed over to the American side of the falls and to visit the Cave of the Winds. We arrived early so we went to the overlook of the horseshoe falls. Wonderful! You get so close to the water it is almost frightening! When the cave of the winds was opened we went down. the elevator and tunnel were cool and to think they were all cut out of solid rock using hand tools made it even more amazing. we went into a room where we were given our sandals and off to the walkway where we put on our ponchos. This was another great experience. The walkway takes you right up to the water and so close to the falls that you feel like you are standing in it. This and maid of the mist are the 2 things that I think were the best things from our trip. Journey behind the falls paled in comparision. After this we headed home to Virginia.

Definately planning my next trip and can't wait!!!!

Few things of note/ suggestions:

1. bring a waterproof camera

2. put a hand towel in your pack to clean the water off glasses, faces, cameras, etc

3. sales tax is 13% approx. be prepared for that. It is a tourist town so things are a little pricier than you would expect

4. bring sunblock

5. be prepared for waiting in line and lots of walking


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