Parents Influence On Child Essay

Essay. Parents’ Influence on their Children

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I have always learnt many point of views expressed by different people about whose impact is more or less on a child’s shape parents’, teachers’ or classmates’.
Some people think that it is the teacher who offers ans sets the basic knowledge of behaviour and study.
Others think that classmates also have consideatly more influece on them as children spend most part of the day together.
The majority of people think that parents’ impact is greather and stronger. I thought over these point of views and have come into a conclusion that parents’ impact is the most.
For my face parents’ influence can be severa types.
The first their inherited properties.In the outset (when the children are born) they inherit many features from their parents.
For example they have big brown eyes, plump lips, small month like their parents.
I enumerated only exterior look. The second type is learning abilities, intellectual faculties, characters.They inherit these but also they optain during not only their daily life.
For example when they see that parents go into politics, read articles on psycohology, speak about educational values, sports, programmes, they act like them.
Another problem is when children are interested in things different from their parents, who expect their children to be interested same values or things like them. So they compell on their children, act in the way they want.
And the point is that when they get angry, they try to admonish us. We don’t understand them in the right way, because we stop trusting them.
They do it in the name of safety, even trying to limot our freedom. They think we must blindly follow their advice. They often try to kepp us under control, which is not often pleasant to us, but it is much better than to be left out of their control, care or attention. Parents should win their children confidence and trust. They should came to mutural understanding with them.

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Parental Influence on Children Essay

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Parental Influence on Children

The way in which a child is raised has a definite influence on the lifestyle the person will once live. Religion, mores, values and common etiquettes are all passed on from generation to generation. A result of good values and mores to a child may result in a successful lifestyle, possible filled with expensive material objects, often living a lavish life. However, Terri D. Heath is not concerned with these results. In his article, "Parents' Socialization of Children in Global Perspectives" the concentration is more on personal feelings a child has, as he grows into an adult. In other words, Heath believes that a good influence on a child will give them good self esteem, a happier outlook, and the ability…show more content…

Hong Kong adapts much belief from the Chinese who value this same idea. In both cultures families are very important priorities. In this situation children who are more connected with their parents seem to be more pressured for successfulness. As a result those most oriented with their families are most satisfied with their overall lifestyle. Heath uses another example of Iranians that were researched. The result of this experiment concludes that those who felt dissatisfied with their childhood and parents, experienced more loneliness, anxiety, and overall unhappiness compared to those who had a satisfying childhood. In Canada a study was done on the alcohol consumption of eleventh and twelfth graders. The experiment was divided into three groups, those who drank with their parents, those who drank with parents and peers and those who only drank with peers, which resulted in the most consumption. Those who only drank with their parents, resulted far less consumption than those who drank only with peers. In this case it is shown that those who drank with their family were more responsible consumers of alcohol. In Puerto Rico a study concludes children need to feel closeness and intimacy in their childhood in order to have a satisfying life. The study was taken from children of mentally ill or alcohol dependent parents. Those exposed tend to be

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