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Honors English 9 Calendar of Assignments

 Night Text



Friday 9 March

-Finish speeches

-School City reading assessment

-Speech reflection (it time allows)




Thursday 8 March

-Finish speeches




Tues/Wed 6-7 March

Due: Hard copy speech


-Grammar post-test

-Practice round for speech

-Deliver speeches/audience takes notes


None :) Finally!


Monday 5 March

Due: Typed draft of speech/reflection


-Peer editing (2-3 different peer editors must look at your speech!)


Upload final draft of speech to turnitin.com before midnight tonight

Type up final draft of speech to turn in on block day

Notecards for speech

Agenda signature


Thurs/Fri 1-2 March

Due: Pre-write/Outline for speech

-Study for Night test

-Night test (turn in books and study guide)

-Analyze Leo Dicaprio speech (slides 12 and 13)

-Draft speech


Study for grammar post test next week Tues/Wed

Typed draft due Monday for peer editing!


Wednesday 28 February

Due: Brainstorm for speech


-The Argumentative Speech

-Ideas for topics



Pre-write/outline sheets due Thurs/Fri for a stamp

Study for Night test


Tuesday 27 February

Due: Fallacy worksheet 1/agenda signature


-Tolerance Today assignment and rubric


-Peer edit 


Decide on topic for speech/brainstorm--Due next Tues/Wed for presenting! 


Monday 26 February

Due: Night MK and RG


-Intro to Fallacies and notes

-Fallacies practice worksheet


Find a fallacy in every day life, be ready to discuss

Fallacy worksheet (if not completed in class)

Agenda sig


Friday 23 February

Due: MDG presentation/preliminary notes

-Warm-up: Questions for quiz on notecard

-Finish MDG presentations

-MDG quiz


Night MK and RG due MONDAY!!!


Thursday 22 February

Night reading guide/memory keeper work day


Grammar study guide

Night RG/MK due MONDAY!!!


Tues/Wed 20-21 February

Due: MDG essay/presentation



-Take notes

-Grammar post-test study guide


Upload MDG essay/slides link to turnitin.com by midnight Wednesday

Night RG/MK


Friday 16 February

Due: Memory Keeper Checkpoint 2


-Work day for Modern Day Genocide/Night Memory Keeper


MDG presentation and essay due Tues/Wed!!!

Night MK/RG




-Grade Night vocab. quiz

-Discuss "Perils"


Night MK/RG

MDG project/essay


Tues/Wed 13-14 February

Due: RA paragraph for "Dream"


-Documentary: A Day in Auschwitz 

-take Cornell notes (follow directions on slide)

-Time to work on Night assignments or Modern Day Genocide project


Night MK checkpoint 2 due Friday




Monday 12 February

Due: Memory Keeper checkpoint 1


-Modern Day Genocide ppt presentation/essay

-MDG ppt presentation template example

-"Perils of Indifference" speech text--annotate for Tues/Wed


Agenda signature

Night reading guide/MK

Modern Day Genocide research

RA paragraph for "I Have a Dream" hard copy due in class and turnitin.com



-Study for vocabulary test

-work day for Night and RA paragraph for "I Have a Dream" due Tues/Wed

-RA paragraph rubric


Night assignments

RA paragraph for "Dream"



Night work day


Night reading guide/Memory Keeper


Tues/Wed 6-7 February

Due: Night vocab chart/"Dream" annotations/worksheet


-Discuss "Dream"

-Receive Night books/Night reading guide

-Unpack Memory Keeper assignment


-Begin Night if time allows


Night reading guide/Memory Keeper

Study for vocabulary test Friday


Monday 5 February

Due: "Bambi" RA paragraph to turnitin.com Sunday


-"I Have a Dream" speech text

-"Dream" worksheet

-Instructions for annotations

1.Number paragraphs

2.Write “Target Audience”, “Message”, and “Purpose” at the top

3.Left side = summary of ideas/Right side = rhetorical strategies/commentary/analysis

4.Highlight: ethos=blue/pathos=pink/logos=green

Clubs: 2+examples Alliteration/2+ parallelism

Spades: 1 Extended Metaphor/1 personification

Diamonds: 3 Allusions/1 Antithesis

Hearts: 3+ Anaphora/3+ Imagery


"Dream" annotations/worksheet

Agenda signature


Friday 2 February

Due: Night Anticipation guide/Oprah/Elie symbol

-Warm-up: mini-debate

-Present symbol assignments



RA paragraph to turnitin.com Sunday

"Bambi" worksheet

Night vocabulary due Tues/Wed


Thursday 1 February

-Warm-up/Reflection on Learning goal

-Read King's article, "Now you Take Bambi or Snow White..."

-Annotate/fill in RA worksheet with group

-Night Anticipation Guide

-Night Vocabulary chart


Due Friday: Oprah/Elie symbol/Night Anticipation Guide

Due Sunday: Upload "Bambi" RA paragraph to turnitin.com

Due Monday: "Bambi" worksheet/annotations

Due Tues/Wed: Night Vocabulary definitions/visual clues for all words


Tues/Wed 30/31 January

Due: RA paragraph


-Cross the Line activity

-Pyramid of Hate notes

-Oprah/Elie interview symbol assignment

-Watch Oprah/Elie interview


NRI/Oprah/Elie symbol


Monday 29 January

Due: "Teens..." annotations/chart

-Warm-up: Review "Teens"

-Intro to Holocaust notes

-Pyramid of Hate hand-out


RA paragraph for "Teens..." (typed, MLA format)

"Have you Ever?" Questions


Agenda sig


Friday 26 January

Due: Reflection on RA Paragraph


-RA Paragraph Timed Write on "Half the Size"

-Final draft, annotated text, and brainstorm stapled together and due by the end of the hour

-Read/annotate/chart "Teens and Social Media"



Finish annotating/charting "Teens..."--No RA paragraph...yet


Thursday 25 January

Due: "Darkness" Rhetorical strategies chart


-Instruction on writing an RA Paragraph (Rhetorical Analysis)

-RA paragraph outline

-Group write RA paragraph on "Darkness"





Tues/Wed 23-24 January

Due: Agenda sig/Rhetorical strategies definitions chart

-Warm-up: Review

-Read/annotate, "Don't Blame the Eater"

-Discuss/fill in "Rhetorical Strategies Chart"

-Read/annotate "Darkness at Noon"

-Fill out rhetorical strategies chart with group



"Darkness..." chart



Monday 22 January


-Finish novel presentations

-Rhetoric Notes

-Rhetoric Terms List


Finish definitions for Rhetoric Terms list


Friday 19 January

Continue Novel presentations




Thursday 18 January

Novel presentations




Tues/Wed 16-17 January


-NRI assignments for the quarter 3

-Discuss rubric 

-Time to draft/create posters for Group Novel Project


Agenda sig


Novel group project due Thursday!!


Friday 12 January


Group contract

-Work with Novel group on Project


Novel Group Project due Jan. 18


Thursday 11 January

-Warm-up: New learning goals/read and annotate group project

-Unpack Novel Group Project assignment


-Novel Project group assignments


Novel Group Project, due January 18


Tues/Wed 9/10 January

Due: WWH uploaded to turnitin.com TONIGHT!

-Self-assessment novel annotations

-Register for next year's classes

-Take novel test

-New seating chart--group contracts/shields as time allows


Upload WWH chart to turnitin.com tonight before midnight!!!


Wed/Thurs 20-21 December



Finish reading/annotating novel due first day back!

Complete WWH chart (template) and submit to turnitin.com first day back before midnight


Tuesday 19 December

-Review Quarter 2 reading assignment and due dates

-Time to work on Novel

-Complete handmade Wordle by the end of class


Read/annotate novel/WWH chart

Review WWH sets and thematic topics


Monday 18 December

Due: Hard copy Hero Trait Essay

-Highlight final draft, staple together with rough draft/s, hero trait packet, and annotated hero article source/s

-Turn in hall passes

-Read/annotate novel--progress handout (due at end of class)


Review WWH sets/thematic statements

Read/annotate novel/WWH chart


Thursday/Friday 14-15 December

Due: Typed Hero trait draft

-Warm-up: Take a look at the rubric


-Peer edit (two peer editors)

-Read/annotate/work on WWH chart for Novel


Submit final draft of Hero essay to turnitin.com this Sunday before midnight!

Bring novel to school Monday and Tuesday next week!


Wednesday 13 December

Due: Argument graphic organizer


-Notes on signal phrases

-Time in class to draft


Type up 1st draft for peer editing blockday

Read/annotate novel

Bring in technology if you would like to begin typing up your polished essay in class


Tuesday 12 December

Due: Agenda check

-Warm-up: read/annotate Hero Trait Final Exam essay assignment

-Dissect prompt

-Fill out graphic organizer for brainstorming/pre-writing

-Begin draft (if time allows)--DO NOT WORK AHEAD!

Drafting in class tomorrow


Hall passes due Monday

Read/annotate novel


Monday 11 December


-Argument group activity

-Argument notes for final exam essay


Agenda signature

Read/annotate novel

Gather all hero article sources and bring tomorrow



Due: Odyssey summary charts

Mythology/Odyssey test


Read/annotate novel

Gather  hero articles for essay next week



Mythology/Odyssey study guide with sub


Tues/Wed 5/6 December

Due: Agenda signature


-Book 22 Rouse/Lit book Venn-Diagram

-T-Chart with Odyssey movie clips


Novel/Study for Myth test/Odyssey Summary charts due Friday


Monday 4 December


-Listen to Books 22-23

-Write text-dependent questions for Books 22-23


Read/annotate Novel

Study for test on Friday

8 Odyssey summary charts due Friday


Friday 1 December


-Review Quarter 2 Reading Assignment

-WWH chart template



Q2 novel

Mythology test next Friday!


Thursday 20 November


-Storyboard presentations for Books 18-20

-Book 21

-Summary chart



Bring novel tomorrow for independent reading!


Tues/Wed 28-29 November

Due: Agenda signature


-Book 12 quiz

-Listen to Books 16 and 17--fill out summary sheet

-Read summaries Books 18-20

-Odyssey clip


NRI/Quarter 2 read

Summaries Books 18-20 if not finished in class


Monday 27 November


-Read Book 12 in groups

-Complete summary chart

-Read summaries of Books 13-15



Book 12 summary chart

Agenda signature


Tuesday 21 November

Due: Agenda signature

Book 9 group quiz

Correct quiz

Listen to Book 10

Fill out summary chart

Come up with thematic statement for Books 1-11 WWH sets


NRI/Hero 4 paragraph due tomorrow!/Novel


Monday 20 November


-Summary of Books 6-8

-Epic/Homeric Similies and Epithets notes

-Listen to Book 9

 -Fill out summary chart


NRI/Hero 4 paragraph due Wed./Novel

Agenda signature


Friday 17 November

Odyssey quiz

Group read Book 5 and fill out summary chart

Book 5 begins on page 1206 from "Literary Links" 

Read novel

Work on research for Hero 4 paragraph due Wed. next week



Hero paragraph 4 due Wed. next week

Read summaries of Books 6-8


Thursday 16 November


-Group read Odyssey Book 1

-Complete Venn diagram comparing lit book to Rouse translation

-Book 1 from the lit book begins on page 1204 under "Literature Links"



Finish Venn diagram if needed

Hero paragraph 3 due tomorrow to sub

Read Odyssey summaries Books 2-4--quiz tomorrow! 


Tues/Wed 14-15 November

Due: Agenda signature


-Finish "TMDG"/fill out T-SIFTT/WWH set worksheet--turn in

-Odyssey intro ppt

-Clip of Trojan War


NRI/Hero Paragraph 3/Novel Annotations


Monday 13 November


-Mythology quiz

-Beging reading, "The Most Dangerous Game"-pg. 54

-TMDG T-SIFTT/WWH worksheet (continue tommorrow)

NRI/Quarter novel annotations

Hero paragraph 3 due Fri

Agenda sig


Thursday 9 November

Due: Hero paragraph #2

Turn in Hero paragraph#2

-Hercules Timed Write (turn in by the end of the period)


NRI/Novel annotations

Hero paragraph #3 due next Friday

Study for Mythology quiz on Monday (20 questions, study god/goddess poster notes chart)


Tues/Wed 7-8 November

Due: Agenda Signature/Novel or recepit


-Hercules portrayal chart

-Portrayal of Hercules by animation director



Hero paragraph 2 (database source required)


Monday 6 November

-Warm-up: Review tone/tone words

-Analyze Herculespainting and ppt

-Finish annotating "Hercules" text and complete chart--turn in

NRI/novel or receipt in hand for block day!!

Hero #2

Agenda signature


Friday 3 November

Due: Hero paragraph 1


-Group read Hercules story

-Fill in chart--finish Monday


NRI/Novel due block day next week

Upload hero paragraph 1 to turnitin.com tonight!!!


Thursday 2 November

Due: Trojan War Heroes chart


-Storyboard for The Trojan War--instructions/text

-Begin reading hero stories under Literary Texts/annotate



Hero paragraph hard copy due tomorrow!

Read hero stories--print/annotate--stories on test


Tues 31 October/ Wednesday 1 November

Due: Myth vocab/agenda signature


-Finish god/goddess presentations

-Research database notes/CRAAP test

-Hero's Journey notes

-Trojan War hero notes/chart


NRI/Q2 novel/hero paragraph

Trojan War hero notes/complete chart for Thurs



Monday 30 October

Due: Myth story chart


-Intro to "Honoring Heroes" assignment

-Finish god/goddess poster presentations


Agenda sig


Mythology vocab due block day

Quarter 2 Novel  


Friday! 27 October

Due: God/goddess poster presentation


-God/goddess poster presentations


Myth chart due Monday

Myth vocab due block day

Novel or receipt due Nov. 7/8


Thursday 26 October

Research day for god/goddess presenations




Myth vocabulary/chart

God/Goddess poster research presentation due tomorrow!

Q2 read book or printed receipt



Tues/Wed 24-25 October

Due: Agenda signature


-Grammar: Using semi-colons

-Assign god/goddess

-God/goddess poster examples

-Assign Quarter 2 reading novel

-Time to research



Myth vocabulary/chart

God/Goddess poster research

Q2 read book or printed receipt




Monday 23 October


-Grammar: semi-colons

-Introduce Quarter 2 reading assignment

-Introduce God/goddess poster/presentation assignment

-Assign gods/goddesses (if time allows)



Myth vocabulary/chart

Agenda Signature

Top 3 choices for Q3 read



Friday 20 October


-Mythology Family Tree notes/chart

-Time to work on mythology stories/chart


No Red Ink

Myth stories chart

Myth vocabulary



Thursday 19 October


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